Saturday, January 26, 2013

Milliners Invade Hollywood: Part Seven

I do apologize for my absence. I've just recently returned from a week long vacation. I've missed our stars in fabulous hats and Shirley Temple, my always opinionated co-host so if you're ready let's dive right in to some fashion.

Shirley, what do you think of Ann Miller and her fancy hat? Shirley: "She doesn't look like she's getting ready to break out into song or throw those annoying legs of hers everywhere so I'm happy with it!"

Betty Grable's ensemble is perfect from head to toe! Shirley: "She chose a crazy hat to distract from her dorm room mattress cover coat." Those of us in the know aren't fooled by this magic act!"

Carole Lombard has an interesting hat and I do love her gloves.  Shirley: "When you hang out in stables on your off days you get these delusions of grandeur that you're headed to the Kentucky Derby where strange is fashionable. It looks like she had a close call with a lawnmower blade."

This is an interesting look for Deanna Durbin. Shirley: "It figures that Deanna made a bold fashion choice, dared to be a bit interesting during a radio show where nobody and I mean nobody saw her cutesy face!.. She looks terrified here and I'm guessing the show host told her that she looks ridiculous!" 

Dorothy Sebastian was such a beauty. Shirley: "Every beautiful woman has flaws. Dorothy's flaw was she collected human hair from her co-stars dressing rooms then walked around with it as a hat... Just look at that nut!"   Hmmm, now that you mention it.

Evelyn Brent looks sassy in her hat. I like this look. Shirley: "She looks like Theda Bara's prettier sister. That's a complement! Have you seen Theda Bara? She's scary and I think she had Alopecia too!" If that were the case we would have seen her in more hats and less crowns.

Gail Patrick in another stunning hat. Shirley: "Was Gail ever in a picture because I don't remember her at all? Just millions of fashion photos in strange hats. She must have gotten paid per hat."  It sounds like a great gig if you can get it! Maybe she had Alopecia too.

Oh, look at Gloria Swanson. She made the most interesting fashion choices. Shirley: "She's sweating through her netting and don't get me started on the odd arm placement... She's clearly trying too hard!.. She's armless in houndstooth!.. Always a fashion fail!"

Hedda Hopper seems very happy here in her stylish hat and fur. Shirley: "She isn't making me happy! Get her out of here and over to the "When Fur Was Fabulous" post. That woman made everyone miserable, nice hat or not. I hope that fur gave her psoriasis!"  Hush now or I'll sick Louella Parsons on you!

Helen Hayes should be smiling with this gorgeous hat and coat. I would wear both.  Shirley: "She's sad because Ramon Novarro put out a restraining order on her. He just couldn't take the constant stalking anymore." That's such a sad situation. They were lovely together in "Son-Daughter".  My favorite silent film.  Shirley: "He's not that fond of women of any kind but don't tell Helen."

June Duprez is a beauty in shearling. Shirley: "She's channeling Alexis Smith because that worked out so well for Alexis Smith!"  Don't be mean to Alexis, Shirley.  

Lilli Damita was so cute and I love this flapper look. Shirley: "It's just too darn bad she had to compete with Errol's sailboat of fun. Darn that unlimited supply of boat fuel and attorney's on retainer." From what I understand all of the pearls in the world can't substitute for a moonlit night seen through a sailboats portal.  Shirley: "You are going to have that Becky girl after us!"  It wouldn't be the first time. 

Well, I think we've covered enough gorgeous hats and gossip for one night, Shirley.  
Please leave a comment on these wonderful hats or anything else that comes to mind. Just remember this isn't really Shirley so all of your hate mail to Shirley will just pile up again.
See ya later!


  1. Page, I hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation. My favorite hat is Hedda Hoppers.. I'm always tickled to see her perform in a movie.. What a personality!!

  2. Oh dear - Betty Grable's coat DOES look like it was made from a dorm room mattress. Is she smiling because she thinks she's getting away with it?

  3. I think Shirley nailed Dorothy Sebastion's "hat."

  4. Mattress cover coat? HA! Very funny. Well done, Page.

  5. I loved the "Theda Bara's prettier sister" definition. And Betty Grable's look is awesome, I'd totally wearb something like this in winter.

  6. This stuff very interesting and I enjoy the work you have put in this blog. All hats are looking awesome but my favorite hat is Hedda Hoppers.

    Connie Jordan-Carmichael | Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation