Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Time For The CMBA To Share It's Guilty Pleasures!

It seems just like yesterday that we were all having fun reading everyone's posts during the CiMBA's sponsored Blogathon covering the great films of 1939.  That was so much fun that the CiMBA is hosting another Blogathon in just a few days where CiMBA members will be reviewing their favorite Guilty Pleasure film, regardless of the era.

I'm really looking forward to this one and reading the reviews of the films everyone chose as some are films I've never even heard of while others are fantastically campy.  Below are the CiMBA members who will be participating along with their site links and the films they will be reviewing, discussing.  I hope everyone of my site followers will return for the Guilty Pleasures Blogathon as well as visit each site and leave a comment.  I chose the original King Kong but to mix it up I'll be doing the colorized version which is such a fun film with it's early special affects.  (I know, I know, I went nuts on this choice, really going out on a limb) Ha Ha! Well, at least I didn't say "Willy Wonka" or "Blue Lagoon".  Hey, maybe we can have a Blogathon where we write about a film that was so bad we walked out of the theater. (Sorry "Road To Wellville" and "The Body Guard" that would be you two).  See, King Kong doesn't sound so bad after all.

You can visit the CiMBA site LINK HERE for details or return here for the site links listed below and the films being reviewed during the three days.  So without further ado let's see which films my fellow member's consider their guilty pleasures.

September the 18th Films:

"Can't Stop The Music" will be reviewed by Team Bartilucci at Tales Of The Easily Distracted

"The Apple" will also be reviewed by Team Bartilucci at Tales Of The Easily Distracted

"Cinderella Jones" will be reviewed by Brandie and Carrie at True Classics

"Jailhouse Rock" will be reviewed by John Greco at Twenty Four Frames

"Mame" will be reviewed by Backlots

"Three on A Match" will be reviewed by FlickChick at A Person In The Dark

"The Devil Bat" will be reviewed by Kevin at Kevin's Movie Corner

"How To Murder Your Wife" will be reviewed by Java at Java's Journey

"Xanadu" will be reviewed by Lobosco at The Great Entertainers Archive

"The Shanghai Gesture" will be reviewed by Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks

September the 19th Films:

"An Ache In Every Stake" will be reviewed by Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog

"Count Your Blessings" will be reviewed by Sophie at Waitin On a Sunny Day

"Flight to Mars" will be reviewed by R.D. Finch at The Movie Projector

"The Greatest Show on Earth" will be reviewed by Caftan Woman at Caftan Woman

"King Kong" (colorized) will be reviewed here by me.

"Lover Come Back" will be reviewed by Bette at Bette's Classic Movie Blog

"Reefer Madness" and "Sex Madness" below will be reviewed by Becky at Classic Becky's Brain Food

"Sex Madness" a part of Becky's Double Feature at Classic Becky's Brain Food

"What's Up Doc?" will be reviewed by Classic Film Boy at ClassicFilmBoy's Movie Paradise

"No Down Payment" will be reviewed by The Lady Eve at The Lady Eve's REEL LIFE

September the 20th Films:

"Lifeforce" will be reviewed by Rick at  Classic Film and TV Cafe

"Voodoo Man" will be reviewed by Grand Old Movies

"The Most Dangerous Game" will be reviewed by Dave at Dave's Classic Films

"The Oscar" will be reviewed by Christian at Silver Screen Modiste

"Paris When It Sizzles" will be reviewed by Clara at Via Margutta 51

"Brenda Starr, Reporter" will be reviewed by Ivan at Thrilling Day's of Yesteryear

"A Summer Place" will be reviewed by Jn Pickens at Comet Over Hollywood

"Who Killed Teddy Bear?" will be reviewed by Caroline at Garbo Laughs

"The Wizard of Oz" will be reviewed by Kim at 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

As you can see this is a very fun list so I hope to see everyone back here over the three days of the Blogathon.  As well as reading everyone's reviews I hope my readers will also feel free to discuss their #1 "Guilty Pleasure" film.  It should be a fun Blogathon and I'm thrilled that it's a way to dive back into blogging again. 

Thanks for your kind words and patience everyone.  Please leave a comment on any of the films listed, what you're looking forward to.  Discussion is always welcome and encouraged here.
See ya soon,


  1. I love these posters. Thanks for rounding them up.

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    I thought these posters were pretty fun and quite the teaser to get everyone interested in the upcoming Blogathon. See you there! : )

  3. Page, as if having you back for the CMBA Guilty Pleasures Blogathon wasn't already a cause for joy and delight in itself, you sweetened the pot with oodles of fabulous posters! Great job, Page -- this will surely be one of the most enjoyable Blogathons yet!

  4. Dorian,
    Thanks and it better be a good one because I need to punch myself for doing ANOTHER monkey film. I think you're right about it being a good one and then there's Becks writing about Sex AND Reefer! woo hoo one for the record books.