Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Call Of The Wild

Everyone I know finds it hilarious and strange that I despise anything in animal print! I would never be caught sporting anything in the pattern, all the way down to an accessory. I don't even like throw pillows or blankets in the pattern. It's not because I'm this tree hugger type either, it's just that I don't find the print attractive.  Perhaps my aunt Claudine ruined me with her fur trimmed cowboy hats when I was a little girl (TACKY) to now, with her RV that has every surface swathed in zebra AND tiger faux fur. It looks like the Bronx Zoo gift shop coughed up a bedazzler.  (She thinks everything looks even better adorned with a few fake jewels)

With that being said, I thought It would be fun to do a post on animal prints in their fabulousness  (rolls eyes). So if you're ready, lets jump right in before I start on a tangent about patent leather and how I loathe it!

First an example of who DOES look amazing while sporting animal print. The leopard from "Bringing Up Baby"

Even Clark Gable looks good posing next to a Bengal Tiger.  

Betty Davis stepping out in her fur coat. At least she's wearing sensible shoes.

Carole Lombard who's stunning regardless of what pattern she's photographed with.

Gene Tierney (on the left) I prefer posing with props that tend to not claw my face off so Gene's a brave girl)

Gloria Stuart (I guess theres a lot of spare leopards roaming around Hollywood waiting for photo ops)

Come on! You knew Jayne Mansfield would have a few photo's sporting animal prints! The background is just a bonus and it really does distract from the cellulite. 

Kim Novak was the least offensive wearing just a scarf then she had to go and lay on that blanket.

Lucille Ball . I wish this photo were in color just to show how wonderful that dress looks next to faming red hair!

Madge Evans 

Jane Nigh taking us back to the Paleolithic Era.  Well, okay only if cavemen wore heels and owned hair rollers.

Elizabeth Taylor sporting her animal print swim suit which you can get away with if your pool floatie was stolen from a five year old.

Rita Hayworth wearing the most hideous blouse I've ever seen. And trust me I know hideous, my aunt Claudine also has a collection of Christmas themed tops!

Jayne Mansfield is a repeat offender. I'm not even surprised she has this rug on her living room floor and it appears to be functional for when you need a head rest.

Marion Carr who had her leopard print painted on.

Terry Moore who looks thrilled with this photo shoot! I assume the photographer was telling her to stand tippy toed while holding her rear.  (Ladies, next time you pose for a photo try this, it takes off 5 lbs)

I've been hard on Jayne Mansfield so I thought I would give her a chance to redeem herself. Oh, never mind!

Thanks for letting me express my feelings even if I've offended everyone who loves animal print and breaks it out during special occasions.


  1. I've always been less-than-enthusiastic about animal prints. For one thing, they look terrible on me. For another, I just don't like them. Gene Tierney and Elizabeth Taylor were the only ones I thought looked good, but then they would look good wrapped in aluminum foil. I have never seen a picture of the gorgeous Rita Hayworth that was so bad! It's definitely the blouse...

    You description of your aunt's RV had me in stitches -- I hope you are either close enough that she doesn't mind, or estranged enough that it doesn't matter! Really fun post, Page!

  2. Becks,
    I'm pretty sure my aunt would have a laugh and I know my mom certainly will since we tease her about her RV. My aunt is also over 70 and still works full time while managing to look beautifully put together.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this post otherwise I might expect a faux leopard car seat cover in the mail. : )

    And for the record, I can't stand snake skin boots or belts either. That should lose me a few viewers. lol

  3. Page, you aunt sounds like my kind of woman! Oh, and I would never send you a faux leopard car seat cover....I was planning to send a real leopard skin cover for your steering wheel. You can hang the head on your living room wall, if you want...

  4. Love this post! I am not a huge animal print fan, but maybe more than you. But it is amazing how fabulous these gals look in animal print!

  5. Emily,
    I have to admit they do carry the pattern off very well.
    I'm glad you found this post entertaining.

  6. Liz Taylor looks fabulous in everything - and that pixie cut is gorgeous on her.

  7. DJ,
    I certainly agree that Elizabeth was a stunner in her pixie haircut. It's hard to find a bad photo of her. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back. Please have a look in the archives for other posts when you get a chance.

  8. You make me laugh. Do not let Kevin at Kevin's Movie Corner see that photo of Rita Hayworth -- he adores her! Man, that's an awful blouse she's wearing. Thank goodness she didn't pair it with Jayne's leopard print capris. And really, regarding your aunt, doesn't everything look better with a bedazzler? Wouldn't you want a cow hide emblazoned with your name in rhinestones, to hang over your couch??

  9. Hi CHFB and Page: Yes, I adore Rita Hayworth but I must agree that blouse is hideous.

    I like women in animal print dresses if they're in the jungle, like Acquanetta in "Tarzan and the Leopard Woman." Grrrrrrrr.

  10. CFB,
    I'm glad you got a kick out of this one. And don't look now but you know who saw this post! oh dear!

    I had no idea you were such a Hayworth fan but you have fantastic taste. That was a bad photo of her I admit. I'll be doing a post on Maureen O'Sullivan coming up which will surely have a few good Tarzan photos so hopefully I can make it up to you. : )

  11. Page, Looking forward to the O'Sullivan photos.

    Yep, big Hayworth fan. How big? Growing up, my dad had a 16mm projector, so for my high school graduation party, back in, gasp, 1980, we rented "Cover Girl" and had about 20 of my classmates over for an evening of Technicolor Rita. Most of them only knew her through my appreciation and talking her up, but everyone had a great time. That was a great party.

    At my high school reunions over the years, I still had people come up to me and talk about that party, so much different than the usual run of graduation parties.

  12. Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing that with me. Now thats the kind of graduation party I would love to have had but substitute Rita with Cary Grant.
    If you converted one of your classmates into an old movie fan it was well worth it. I only wish our younger generations had the passion for old stars that we do.