Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm not ready for my closeup! Part 3

Before we take another look back at the stars and how they spent their down time at the studio, I want to say a  couple of things. 

I've toppled the 10,000 views mark (blowing a really annoying Vuvuzela) so thank you everyone who's stopped by even if it's because you're lost or you stop by because you're a fan of the blog.  I hope those of you who don't comment jump in and let me hear your voice on Old Hollywood.  I'll keep chugging along with more movie reviews and more posts on my collection so please keep checking back.  I've met such interesting people since starting this blog, who have made me feel so very welcome and right at home in the blogging community, so thank you for that too.  
Rrrrooolll  Camera!

Dorothy Dayton in her dressing room with unnamed co-star

Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray and Arleen Whelan relaxing between takes of "Suddenly It's Spring" 1947

Jeanette MacDonald and Spencer Tracy having a laugh on the set of  "San Francisco" 1936

Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart on the set of "The Man Who Knew Too Much" 1956

Joan Blondell going over her script between takes of  "Waterhole" 1967

Walter Pigeon and Reginald Owens playing checkers during a break from filming

Mae West looking fabulous from the other side of the camera

Joan Crawford checking for perfection

Roland Young going over his lines

Paul Newman and Cary Grant having a cold beverage while Grant is visiting Newman and wife, Joanne Woodward on the studio lot

Kim Novak adorable in her under garments

Shirley Temple 

Judy Garland relaxing on the tilt board while chatting up Vincente Minnelli

Noah Beery who is not pulling off the tutu so well

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if you recognize anyone or a certain film.  I love everyone's vast knowledge on old movies.  If theres a star out there that you would like to see featured please let me know and if I have their autograph I'll be glad to write a post.

Oh and if you're not ready for your closeup when leaving the house please cover it up with a hat or at least smell good! : )


  1. You forgot to mention Joanne Woodward standing with Paul and Cary!

  2. Great pics, Page. Hey, I want to ask you about co-hosting something with me -- would you contact me at I've lost my newer list of CMBA members and don't have your email.

  3. Yes I will get in touch with you! So mysterious but I know not to get my hopes up because it will probably be co-hosting an online Amway party! : (